Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router AC 1750 – Hotspot Setup

I am a wireless router user before three years ago I was bought my first wifi router. The Recent month I was updated my wireless router AC 1750. Here I will explain what I can do with my AC 1750 router. A wireless router is important for everyone Smart householder. Right now I am controlling my full house with wireless router AC 1750. I am going to show you the guideline how I am done the configuration. I have control four LED TV, Five Smartphone, Three iPad, one home theater etc with the AC 1750 wireless router. How to control the all devices with the single router now I am going to explain that.

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Setup Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router AC 1750 for control home entertainment

I have setup the devices midpoint of my house and plugging 1GB USB HDD on the AC 1750 Router. Inside the HDD I have storage data like Music, Movie, Offline game also total home entertain backups. The AC 1750 has six high-quality anginas that coverage full house. So, everywhere of my house, I can user data from the wireless router. Also, install high-speed broadband internet connection with the router WLAN port that’s help your browsing internet everywhere of my house. My father likes to use Youtube he can use Youtube with android TV. I like to play games I can do it in my bedroom with my apple TV.

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I can send mail, use social media and search online everything with the AC 1750 router. This is really a very good and high-speed wireless router. The AC 1750 router has two USB-3 ports those use for input and outer data on the router. I have use single one for external HDD and another one for Printer. I have attached Cloud-ready printer with my AC 1750 router. The cloud-ready printer available to print the document from anywhere in the world. I am using the cloud printer print document when I am traveling. That’s way I am controlling my full house with my AC 1750 router. Behind the all of the thing the wireless router AC 1750 has more good and new futures. Here I provide something good futures of the AC 1750 router.

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Powerful futures of Wireless Router AC 1750

  1. Supports 802.11ac standard the next generation of wireless systems.
  2. Simultaneous 2.4GHz 450 Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps connections for 1.75Gbps of total bandwidth.
  3. Guest network access provides secure Wifi access for guest sharing your home or office network.
  4. Dual USB ports that easily share a printer locally and files and media with networked devices or remotely via FTP Server
  5. Local and remote management systems with access control
  6. Guest network 2.4GHz and 5GHz guest network.
  7. Wireless functions – Enable/ Disable wireless radio, WDS Bridge, WMM, Wireless Statistics

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